Undergraduate Studies

Students must pass an entrance audition for area faculty in order to qualify for music scholarships, and for acceptance into the music major. Audition information is available here. Scholarship information is available here


Undergraduate Degree Options


Bachelor of Music - Performance

This degree will assist the student preparing for a professional performing career, graduate school, and teaching in a collegiate or private school.

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Bachelor of Music - Education

This degree with its three options (vocal certification, instrumental certification, vocal and instrumental certification) is designed for the student desiring a teaching career in the public schools. It leads toward at Oklahoma State Teacher's Certificate. The degree is also excellent preparation for graduate school.

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Bachelor of Music with Elective Studies in Business

This degree allows the student interested in a music business related field to receive instruction in both music and business topics.

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Bachelor of Arts - Music

This degree offers the student broad liberal arts instruction with an emphasis in the music field.

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Minor in Music

Requirements - credit hours listed first

  • 1 cr. - MUSI 1531 - Sight Singing/Aural Skills I (Fall)
  • 3 cr. - MUSI 1533 - Music Theory I
  • 1 cr. - MUSI 1541 - Sight Singing/Aural Skills II (Spring)
  • 3 cr. - MUSI 1543 - Music Theory II
  • 3 cr. - MUSI 3763 - Music History II (Spring)
  • 3 cr. - MUSI 3873 - Music History III (Fall)
    • MUSI 3753 Music History I (Fall) may be substituted for either 3763 or 3873
  • 6 cr. - applied lessons in primary instrument (audition required)
  • 2 cr. - piano (if piano is primary instrument, 2 credit hours in any other secondary applied instrument)
  • 2 cr. - large ensemble (MUSI 2610/3610, 2620/3620, or 2630/3630)

24 total credit hours - All grades must be C or better