B.A. in Music

Bachelor of Arts in Music

The Bachelor of Arts in Music is a degree program designed for students who wish to meet the intellectual and musical challenges of a rigorous program that promotes the broad experience of a liberally educated person. The major comprises a balanced program that encourages excellence in performance while providing academic courses, private instruction, and ensemble experiences that foster understanding of musical languages, historical developments, and compositional styles.  The core curriculum in music theory and history provides the common foundation for advanced study of specialized subfields in music (musicology, theory, conducting, management, performance, composition, music education, etc.) at the graduate or professional level.

Although musically robust, this major is intended to provide opportunities for students to explore non-music disciplines.  For example, some students pursue a double major, or combine pre-law or pre-medicine preparation with their musical studies.

All prospective music majors must audition for acceptance to the BA in Music.  Please see our Audition Information page for current audition dates.  Subsequent auditions for ensembles will follow the student’s acceptance. These auditions are typically held during the first week of class.  Additionally, incoming freshmen who plan to pursue the BA in Music will take the music theory diagnostic prior to enrollment.  These scores are not used in acceptance decisions. Rather, they are used to place the student in the music theory class that best aligns with his or her current level of knowledge, ultimately setting the student up for success. 

All music majors are required to take the core courses in music theory, music history, musicianship, and keyboard. Requirements for ensemble, private instruction, and electives vary with each degree. 

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