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At the Greenwood School of Music, we foster a community of passionate and talented students who possess the self-discipline and intellectual curiosity to succeed in music.  Our four-year* curriculum is designed to develop not only students’ performance abilities, but also their practical and academic skills. The core undergraduate curriculum includes applied lessons, ensemble participation, music theory, music history, keyboard proficiency, and the humanities. We prepare our students to become music educators, performing musicians, composers, theorists, musicologists, and music industry professionals.

Many Greenwood alumni lead entrepreneurial lives, combining different aspects of music into a satisfying whole. They may play in a symphony orchestra while teaching in a high school or college; have a studio of private students while directing a church music program; or free-lance on a steady basis while presenting solo and chamber recitals. Greenwood alumni also become lawyers, doctors, consultants, engineers, ministers and administrators. The comprehensive education and discipline that we instill in our students equips them for a wide range of career opportunities.

*Some students may take longer, including those completing a dual-degree program or taking more than the required number of electives.

Undergraduate Degree Options:
Minors in Music Options:
  • Minor in Music
  • Minor in Jazz
Graduate Studies